Here is a fabulous and timely recipe for Raccoon and Sweet Potatoes. If you haven't already heard, Swepco roasted a raccoon this morning. The poor critter wandered into a South Shreveport substation in the wee hours this morning and BOOM! BBQ! Coon. . . the other white meat.


Unfortunately, the furry trespasser temporarily knocked out the power for about 2,000 Swepco customers. By the time most people started their workday, power had been restored. Here at Kiss Country, we are of the volition that none of God's creatures should die in vain. Like momma always said, "If you gonna kill it, eat it!" So, get out your apron and a good wire brush--cuz that suckers stuck on that transformer. (You may need to bring a shovel too, just in case.)


Coon and Sweet Potatoes


One good sized coon (preferably already dressed and cleaned);
Vinegar (do not get flavored vinegar preferably the distilled white);
Salt and pepper (I personally used Everglades seasoning) to taste;
Cayenne pepper or Cajun season to taste;

3 cloves of chopped garlic;
1 large onion chopped (choose your preferred type, ex. Vidalia, red, white, etc.);
1 medium chopped green bell pepper;
All purpose flour;
6 medium to large sweet potatoes (yams); and

1 to 1 ½ lemons sliced.


Dress and clean the coon and soak for 1 hour in a mild vinegar solution; make sure the musk glands have been removed.  Some people use salt water or buttermilk opposed to the vinegar solution which kills the wild or game taste, whatever you prefer. Cut the coon into serving size pieces and thoroughly salt and pepper all sides and cover with water and add Cayenne pepper, garlic, onion and green pepper and boil until the coon is partially tender. Remove the coon from the water and drain; ‘brown’ the coon in a skillet with a small amount or shortening and then place it in a roasting pan. Make a thin brown gravy with the flour and the drippings and pour this over the coon in the roasting pan. Place the peeled sweet potatoes, cut as desired, around the coon and place the lemon slices on top and bake at 350ºF until the potatoes and game are done (approximately 45 minutes to an hour) depending on the oven.  The internal cooking temperature of the coon should be 165ºF.  Happy eating!!! --Madam Trainer



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