These are gifts that seem almost too practical.

It's just about Christmas time! Which are you more excited about, the presence of your family or the presents under the tree? I always look forward to being with loved ones, but it does feel nice when someone though about you while shopping.

That being said, have you ever gotten a "hint" gift?

This gift makes you feel like something is wrong with you the minute you open it. Things like perfume, cookbooks or fitness equipment. I don't include bath products in this mix because I think anything that helps you relax and unwind like some therapeutic body scrub is a win. I would say fitness equipment or a gym membership is, by far, the worst "hint" gift of them all.

Remember the Peleton ad?

A recent survey has found that men are more likely to give a "hint" gift than women. Whether this is on purpose or not, 26 percent of men will wrap such a present while 17 percent of women will. I think the "hint" gift comes from the immense pressure to get something you know the other person will actually use. The need for a practical gift usually swings too far practical and enter the "you need this" zone.

The survey also revealed the biggest "hint" gifts of the season:

1. Deodorant or perfume

2. Cookbooks

3. Self-help books

4. Exercise equipment

5. Cleaning supplies

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