A lawsuit has been filed in Texas against Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. The suit alleges that a San Antonio Texas franchise of the popular fast food chain served a San Antonio woman red beans and rice that contained screwworms.

Besides the total grossness of the allegations, there are other health implications as screwworms often feed on the flesh of the host body that contains them.

According to a story on NOLA.com and in the Times-Picayune the suit was filed in Bexar County court on behalf of Karen Goode. The suit alleges that screwworms or screwworm eggs were served to Goode via the franchises popular red beans and rice side dish.

The attorney representing Goode says that when the screwworm eggs hatched in his client's lower intestines they began to eat her alive from the inside out. In the suit that was filed February 7th Goode is seeking more than $1 million in damages. The suit alleges that because of the incident Goode lost her job, her business, her home, and her vehicles.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. and Sugarland's Z&H Foods Inc., the chain's local franchisee are named in the suit. When asked for comment a spokesperson for Popeye's said that the company does not comment on pending litigation.

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