As a newly minted divorcee, I'm seeing more and more posts about relationships and dating pop up on my Facebook newsfeed... and this is the one that continues to resurface week after week!

Clearly, the information in the article is resonating with folks on my friends' list. So I finally saved it to read later. Well, it's later now and it's an excellent read! The article titled, 'Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Puts Effort Into Persuing You Every Single Day' is from the website The Power of Silence. 

As someone back in the dating pool at 45-years-old, I've struggled with the decision of whether or not to put myself out there. I've tried a few dating apps but left disappointed. It seems so contrived and ingenuous.

After reading this article, it reinforced several of the things I've been thinking about. First, it's important to find yourself before you ever look for someone else to compliment your life. After all, if you can't love yourself, how can you love someone else? Plus, is it really fair to enter a relationship when you're still dealing with feelings of grief and inadequacy from the end of your marriage? Because of this, I've personally decided to let dating take a backseat while I focus on ME and my dreams, wants and desires.

Without giving away the whole article, which you really should read if you have any questions about your relationship, here's what they recommend that you should be looking for in a partner.

From the Power of Silence on what you should be looking for in your relationship:

  • someone who is willing to be there for you
  • someone who treats you the way you deserve
  • someone who puts effort into everyday conversations
  • someone who understands it takes two to tango
  • someone who puts effort into proving his/her love to you
  • someone who never stops pursuing you
  • someone who makes you realize that love is not supposed to be difficult

Good luck in love! xoxo


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