A weekend crash leads to the arrest of a Shreveport Police Officer. According to arrest records, this is the officer's 2nd DWI arrest in 4 months and third in three years.


Daniel Meyers was arrested after he allegedly made a U-turn at Youree and Winthrop Street and hit another car Saturday night. When officers arrived on the scene to investigate, they detected a strong odor of alcohol. Meyers told the officers he had one margarita at dinner. But, a blood alcohol test showed that Meyers was well over three times the legal limit, blowing a .245.

This isn't Meyers first run in with the law since joining the force. He was also arrested for DWI back in April after officers allegedly found him passed out behind the wheel of his car on Dixie Garden Drive.

During that incident, Meyers also tested well over three times the legal limit and was allegedly agitated with arresting officers for not taking him home or protecting the "brotherhood". He allegedly went on to tell arresting officers that he's "old school" and he would drive one of his drunk brothers home before putting them in handcuffs.  For that, according to KSLA, Meyers was placed on administrative leave for 10 days.

Before that, Meyers was picked up in Desoto Parish by State Troopers on a DWI charge back in October of 2015. In that incident, Meyers was also allegedly found passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle with an open container.

Meyers is scheduled to appear in court for the April DWI on Wednesday.

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