I'm sure by now you've seen red flag memes all over social media. Now, we have our own for Shreveport.

These memes are everywhere, and I get a kick out of them every single time a new one pops up. In general, these memes show a sentence in quotations, followed by the red flag emojis. It could be something as simple as "Do they have chicken tenders" or "I'm still good friends with my ex".

Basically, they highlight things that someone could say that would make you immediately question the relationship. Out of all the social media trends over the past few years, the red flag meme is one of my favorites.

Chances are, right this second you could head to Twitter or Facebook and immediately scroll and find someone posting or sharing another viral red flag meme. Some of them are OK, but every now and then you stumble across one that will have you laughing for real.

If I had one bone to pick with the red flag memes it's that I'm not seeing any that are all about Shreveport. I mean let's face it folks, there's a lot of red flags for Shreveporters specifically to be on the lookout for,

So, I decided I would put in the work myself and give our community 20 red flag memes that we all can agree on. If you have any Shreveport-centric red flags, send them my way!


Hilarious Red Flags for Shreveport

The red flag memes have taken over the internet, however, I haven't seen any specific to Shreveport. That changes now! Enjoy my 20 red flags for Shreveporters to always be on the lookout for!

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