Believe it or not, Shreveport has been mentioned in two of the most beloved animated sitcoms. Have you seen these clips?

I don't know why, but I've always find it extremely cool when our town gets mentioned or appears on the big screen and/or the silver screen. There's just something special about our little neck of the woods getting a nod for the rest of the world to see. Granted, generally when this happens, it's so small that anyone from not from Shreveport wouldn't think twice about it.

Recently I found tout that Shreveport was mentioned briefly in an episode of "Futurama". According to the Reddit user that shared the screenshot, the refrence comes from season seven episode three entitled "Decision 3021" where it appears that Shreveport somehow evolved into it's own country a thousand years from now. Check out a screenshot below!

AreWe_TheBaddies via Reddit

After finding that neat "Futurama" reference, I stumbled across another Shreveport reference, this one coming from "The Simpsons". It's from an earlier episode titled "Radio Bart", where Bart is stuck at the bottom of a well. The police chief informs Marge that they have a piece of equipment that could get him out, but it's all the way in Shreveport, LA, and they don't have the funds to get it to Springfield.