Netflix has already conquered the at-home video market, and is doing quite well in the original programming department as well - but it's not enough.  The video-streaming giant wants to help you "chill," outside of the home by setting their sights on a movie theater chain.

According to The Verge, executives at Netflix are more than a little upset at their inability to score major accolades for their original programming like competitor Amazon.  One major roadblock to having movies like Beasts of No Nation considered for prestigious awards (like an Oscar), was Netflix's inability to release their original films theatrically.  That changed this year with Icarus.  Shot callers at Netflix took a gamble and put the Russian doping documentary in a handful of theaters.  That qualified the film for Oscar consideration, and it won an Academy Award for best documentary.  That kind of clout, along with the kind of money Netflix is throwing around, could help net big time talent both behind and in front of the camera - not to mention rake in big time dollars at the box office.

Even though a recent deal with Mark Cuban's Landmark Theaters seems to have fallen through, Variety reports that Netflix is determined to put it's latest masterpieces on the silver screen.

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