Birds Swarm Downtown Shreveport [VIDEO]
Over the weekend, it was almost like they were re-making an Alfred Hitchcock movie!  If you've lived here longer than a year, you already know that every now and then we'll be invaded by birds, mostly black birds, and at times the swarm, like the one in this video, will be so thick, t…
Video Features Some of the CBR's Best Bull Riding Wrecks
Hey, its Gary and when I was a kid it was nearly a commandment that on Saturdays, boys all over would watch ABC's "Wide World of Sports."  I'll never forget the show's opening montage and those famous words, "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."  And for most of us you…
Dad Impersonates Daughter's Temper Tantrum [Video]
If you've got kids, you've been there. They're throwing a tantrum and there's no getting them past it. So, you try everything to lighten the mood.  Well, this Dad did something we've probably all done before, but he did a better job and his wife caught it on video.

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