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I distinctly remember walking in on my son watching some wacko holding gigantic wasps to his skin on YouTube.  He loved watching this guy writhe in pain after being stung and bitten by some of the scariest insects in the world.  In retrospect, it was pretty entertaining in a Johnny Knoxville/Steve O kind of way.

On more than one occasion, I thought to myself: "Why is this idiot doing this?"  As it turns out, Coyote Peterson (maybe not an idiot) has at least three-hundred thousand very good reasons a month to do what he does.

You read that right, he gets $300,000 per month in ad dollars from his YouTube channel Brave Wilderness because millions and millions flock to his videos in order to watch him take a shot from the nastiest ants, centipedes, and and wasps on planet Earth.

His online fame has opened the door for a show on Animal Planet called Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild, which I'm sure comes with nice payday and a lot less pain. Plus, there's no telling what kind of cash he pulls down sting cream and anti-venom and urgent care center endorsements - but it's safe to say that when the report from the Daily Mail revealed just how much Mr. Peterson was making, his videos looked a lot less ridiculous.

In case you are thinking about taking up Coyote's line of work, here's a video of him taking the full nastiness of the Executioner Wasp. 


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