A Shreveport man is behind bars today after pulling a gun on his pregnant girlfriend after finding out she was unfaithful.

Chester Brown, 33, was arrested this weekend for aggravated assault and domestic abuse. After finding out his pregnant girlfriend had been unfaithful, Brown became unconsolably enraged. During his rage, Brown grabbed two things, both leading him directly to a prison cell. In one hand, Brown grabbed a handgun, and grabbed a phone with the other.

He began streaming live on Facebook under his alias "MrStuck Chester Brown" as he began to threaten his girlfriend for the world to see. With a gun aimed at her head multiple times during the video, Brown threatens to shoot her on Facebook Live over and over and over again.

There are many disturbing aspects of the video. The gun, the threats, the language, all very disturbing to watch. However, there is one aspect of the footage that immediately made my stomach turn and my heart hurt. Right in the beginning of the footage, we see a very young boy standing behind the pregnant girlfriend while a gun is pointed at her, and violent, vulgar threats are being made.

I'm glad that no one was hurt, but it's an absolute shame that a child was so close to this madness.

Brown was arrested by the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office shortly after the video went live on Facebook. He has been in jail since Saturday and no bail has been set at this time. He's being held on two counts of domestic abuse and aggravated assault, as well as being an in-state fugitive.

I have to warn you, the video below is extremely NSFW and contains graphic content.


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