Apparently, there's a sizable movement in the country now to change the date of Halloween, and it looks like this movement is gaining momentum.

According to the site,, over 100,000 people have already signed an online petition to change Halloween from it's traditional date of October 31, to a date that would fall each year to the last Saturday of October.  Much like Thanksgiving, which falls on the final Thursday of November, organizers of the movement feel that changing this date would make for a "Safer, Longer, Stress-Free Celebration! Let's move Halloween to the last Saturday of October!"

On the petition, Danielle writes this as her reason for signing:

"It makes more sense to have it always on a Saturday so that we don't have to worry about getting the kids home and in bed early for school the next day. Also, for most people, they wouldn't have to worry about working that day or the day following.

And Howard writes:

"Halloween Trick or Treating for children would be much safer if celebrated during daylight hours, which can only happen on non school days like Saturday."

So what are your thoughts on this one?  If this were proposed here locally, how would you feel it should be handled?

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