All I can think about is all of my girlfriends on a road trip and listening to Shania's throw backs, "Let's go girls!" The talented Shania wrote all 16 songs on her Now album and used four different producers on this project! You can pick up a copy of Shania Twain's Now September 29th! Shania is one of the reasons I fell in love with country music. Let's be honest, we're all curious as to what this new album has in store for us Country Music fans. The anticipation for Shania's comeback is killing me!

What you can expect on the latest Shania deluxe Now album:

  1. Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed
  2. Home Now
  3. Light of My Life
  4. Poor Me
  5. Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl
  6. More Fun
  7. I’m Alright
  8. Let’s Kiss and Make Up *
  9. Where Do You Think You’re Going *
  10. Roll Me on the River
  11. We Got Something They Don’t
  12. Because of You *
  13. You Can’t Buy Love
  14. Life’s About to Get Good
  15. Soldier
  16. All in All

In anticipation for the release of the bringer of some of the best drunk karaoke sessions of my college years and last weeks, enjoy some Shania!

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