One of the most traveled seven mile stretches of road in all of Northwest Louisiana runs right through Shreveport and though you've likely used it many times yourself, did you ever stop to think how this road got its name to begin with?

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The road was actually named for one of Shreveport's most influential businessmen of all time. In fact, he was considered by many to be one of Shreveport's first real millionaires.

So Who Was This Guy And What Shreveport Road Bears His Name? 

He was a Civil War Captain, originally from Missouri.  He was a member of the Caddo Parish Police Jury for 24 years.  He once owned a real estate firm and for years was the president of Commercial National Bank in Shreveport.

He was Peter Youree!  Yes, he is who Youree Drive was named after.

According to, Youree, born in 1843, was serving with the Missouri Confederates in the Civil War and was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh.

After rising to the rank of Captain, Youree ultimately surrendered his company in Shreveport at the conclusion of the war and made the decision to stay here in Shreveport.

After working a short time as clerk for a Shreveport company, Youree ventured out on his own and established himself as a local merchant where his true genius shined.

Looking At We See Just A Few Of His Career Highlights

  • He commissioned the Confederate monument at Greenwood Cemetery on Stoner Avenue in honor of his comrades who are interred there.

  • For a time he owned the Shreveport Street Railway and was president of the Shreveport Waterworks Company.

  • In 1888, Youree was elected president of the Merchants and Farmers Bank, and in 1891, he became president of the Commercial National Bank, a position which he held until his death.

  • In 1910 he directed the construction of Shreveport's first skyscraper, the ten-story Commercial National Bank Building, for its headquarters.

  • He also financed the construction of his massive Youree Hotel, later called the Washington Youree Hotel, in downtown Shreveport.

  • At the time of his passing in 1914, Youree's wealth was estimated at $2 million.

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