I spotted this on Youree Drive this past weekend and my husband is livid.

While heading out for some fun on a Saturday night, I noticed that there was a vacant restaurant on Youree Drive right next to Five Guys. I had a hard time remembering which restaurant it was, but it hit me... Freebirds. That half of the building is completely empty and the signage has been taken down. I quickly jumped on Google (I was not driving, mind you) and searched "Freebirds Shreveport." The results confirmed what I already feared...

"Freebirds - Closed Permanently."

I never saw it coming! And neither did the guys in the car. They all became immediately upset, none more than my husband. While in college he and I lived in Texas. We both went to Baylor and we didn't have a Freebirds in the area during our years there. So we did what any Freebirds-burrito-loving soul would do... ROAD TRIP! That's right. We would road trip or fly (it pays to know people in the Aviation department) to Austin, Addison, and College Station to get our hands on a burrito made just the way we wanted.

I can't find a reason for the closure and I'd hate to chalk it up to poor performance. If you have any info, I'd love to know. Maybe I could offer some solace for my hubs.

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