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Seeing how most people around here are partial to staying on their side of the river, I decided to ask which city's main thoroughfare was tops with regard to restaurants, shopping, and traffic. So which one won? Bossier City's Airline Drive or Shreveport's Youree Drive?

We first asked this question in July 2021 and thanks to my highly unscientific research, Youree Drive was the clear winner by 87.5%. I would have never guessed that, but as I mentioned above, we tend to stay on our own side of the Red River and with gas prices soaring, we're all planning out our trips more carefully.

Most cited traffic issues when opting for Youree Drive over Airline, and several mentioned that they think that Youree Drive features more 'local' options when it comes to dining and shopping. In fact, the majority of our respondents this time around said they preferred Youree Drive in Shreveport over Airline Drive in Bossier when forced to make a decision.

Here are a few of the specific comments offered up by locals this time around:

Leslie Knox
Dang! Both are hazardous to my health when I’m home but 100% Youree Drive. The TJ Maxx and Walk-Ons are easier to get to!

Susan Thompson-Jackomin
Lol, cause I do them both it’s Youree by a MILE

Pamela Kennedy
Youree any day

Mark Hewitt
Not near the congestion on Youree, even at 5:00

Kathleen Calhoun
YOUREE!!!! Except at Christmas

Stacy Wallace Taylor
Youree Drive! You have access to escape traffic jams!

Steve Castello
I would rather be Oprah Winfrey's six-month-old spandex (than drive on Youree or Airline Drive), honestly

Greg Atoms
How many trains shut Youree down for 90 mins while they park and don’t move?

Shelley Renae Polk
Airline, I haven't ever been worried about being shot while sitting still in traffic in Bossier.

What do you think? Which one of these two roads in Shreveport-Bossier, Youree or Airline Drive, would you rather drive on a daily basis? Inquiring minds are waiting for your comments!

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