Why is Christmas day just like a day at a road construction site?  You end up doing all the work and some fat guy in a suit takes all the credit.

There are a million road construction jokes, but the project at Kings Highway and Youree in Shreveport is no laughing matter for frustrated drivers.  Which would include me and about 39,999 other people.  Yep, about 40,000 vehicles go through that intersection every day.  Or at least they used to, because most drivers found an alternate route to avoid the carnage.

My wife and I recently moved into the Broadmoor area of Shreveport and I can count on one hand the times we've tried to drive through that intersection.  I don't even know what's over in that part of town because we've avoided it like the plague.

In case you're keeping track, the project broke ground on October 5, 2015.  The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has just announced that the project will be completed sometime this fall.  Work on Youree Drive will finish this week, weather permitting.  When it's over the lanes will be wider on both streets and they'll both have turning lanes.

I'm looking forward to getting to know that section of town which is so close to my house.  I hear there are some great restaurants in the area, and there's a Chase Bank location at the intersection.  We opened an account there when we first moved, but haven't been back since.

Got another road construction joke for you.

I didn't believe the rumors that my dad was stealing from his job as a road construction worker, but when I got home all the signs were there.

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