The 2019 Walk-On's Independence Bowl will kickoff December 26th at 3pm local time at Independence Stadium in Shreveport. You'll be able to hear the game on 1130 The Tiger in Shreveport and Bossier once again.

We previously reported that Louisiana Tech looks destined for the Indy Bowl, and now it looks like we know their opponent. The Miami Hurricanes appear to be blowing back into the 318:

This would be Louisiana Tech's 5th appearance in the Indy Bowl, and Miami's 2nd. Tech last appeared in Shreveport's bowl in 2008, while Miami was last in town in 2014.

This will be the final year for a lot of the current agreements around the Indy Bowl. It will be the last time Walk-On's will sponsor the game, abandoning Shreveport's bowl game after three years. This will be the last time the match up should feature the SEC vs ACC, as both conferences will move to new bowl aliments without the Indy Bowl being involved.

Next year will start a new partnership with Army for Shreveport's bowl game.

You can get tickets for the game here:

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