Look, being close to Barksdale Air Force Base, you get used to seeing B-52s flying overhead. But the first time you see one coming in for a landing, or hear one taking off, it is really striking. These monster planes are fascinating to see glide through the sky, even after you get used to them.

While some get used to these giant aircraft, and start taking them for granted, others become deeply interested. They collect B-52 memorabilia, travel to aircraft museums, and build replicas & models.

One of the most well known models of a B-52 came with an estimated price tag of $60,000...which is probably much more today with inflation.

The most well known of these B-52 models was built by model plane enthusiast Gordon Nichols. This was a model plane with an online following. There are websites, social media accounts, and message boards all singing the praises of Nichols' machine. If you check out the video up top, you can see why.

This model is so good, it's hard to tell whether or not it's the real thing or not.

It's really a fantastic piece of equipment, with a wingspan of 23 feet, and a length that matches, this beast weighs over 300 lbs when fueled. It's a solid 1/8 scale of the real thing.

But unfortunately for Gordon Nichols, and all of us, this model can be difficult to fly. In fact, Nichols' plane crashed in the past, creating a large fire in the process. Here's the video of that crash:

Really, watching these videos, and living somewhere that B-52s fly regularly, you can get a deeper respect for what this guy built. Because it does look like the real deal when its off the ground, even if its a miniature version.

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