Kiss Country continues to feature different memories of 9-11-01 each day as we near the 10th anniversary of this horrible day in an effort to NEVER FORGET and to never allow something this happen again.  Today's reflection comes from Ret. Air force Roger Naranjo. I was stationed here at Barksdale AFB, and we were here playing war games. They were loading bombs (nukes) on my aircraft when it ( crash of aircraft ) happened.  I could not believe it happened and then I saw the security police all over the place. Then here was the " Prez and Air force 1" in just a couple of hours we were changing nukes to conventional bombs. We were on 12 hours shifts and Boy did we want to kick butt.  I remember not seeing any aircraft in the sky for weeks. A couple of weeks later we were tasked to set up a forward base in Guam. It was half way point for the B-52 to start bombing runs to forward locations. I just wanted to thank my brothers and sisters of our armed forces coming together under pressure. God bless our armed forces and their families here and overseas.

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