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If you've ever been unfortunate enough to end up with a bunch of chigger bites on your feet and ankles, you know how miserable it can make you. Don't spend a mint on anti-itch creams, etc... Just reach for this one simple household product for relief!

Chigger bites are truly maddening! I wish there was a way to pinpoint when you were going to get bit by them, but by the time you know, it's too late! A few years ago, we went out to Lake Bistineau with friends to celebrate the 4th of July and we did everything we knew to do to keep the bugs at bay. We fogged our camping area several times, we had citronella candles, and we liberally applied bug repellent... but all to no avail! My feet were COVERED with chigger bites by the end of the first night and the itching made sleeping impossible!

So, at 3 in the morning, I found myself online looking for help. Clearly, anti-itch lotions don't work. (I had already emptied the medicine cabinet looking for relief an hour earlier at 2 am) I saw several people recommend home remedies using Vaseline or Vick's Vapor Rub mixed with salt, to using a hair dryer on the bites, to soaking the affected area in oatmeal and/or tobacco! Sure, some of these probably work, but the one I tried that was the most effective was WINDEX! I guess the guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding was right!

You might be asking yourself why I'm revisiting this. Well, my feet and ankles are covered with bites again after walking through some long grass. And yes, I pulled out the Windex yet again to get some relief. Have you found anything that works? I'd love to hear from you!

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