We enjoyed a nice leisurely walk through the trails at Cypress Black Bayou this weekend. We saw tons of little lizards that sound like dinosaurs when they scurry across the dried leaves. We also saw a beautiful speckled King Snake, that was exceptionally beautiful because it stayed away. And I took home a few, four to be exact, friends of my own----ticks. Steven didn't have a single tick on him. Guess those critters knew which one of us would handle infestation better and chose me.

Here are a few less than glorious ways to confirm that you are Southern:

You are Southern if you know what a chigger is and that you are lucky if they stopped at your sock line; associate the fluorescent light and electric pops of a bug zapper with summer; or if you ever have  put a hot match to the butt of a tick.

This weekend was just the start of the "pest" season for us. Ticks, mosquitoes, all things that literally suck.

I grew up on a farm:  barefooted, dirty, with my continuous fair share of whelp marks. I know, I just painted a glowing image of a fairytale childhood. But, it was more fun than sitting inside playing video games ever will be. We were rough and immune to critters.

Throughout the years I have heard many home remedies to keep biting pests at bay from lemon juice to placing a dryer sheet under your waistband. And who hasn't painted clear nail polish on chigger bites to suffocate those itchy beasts? How about mixing up corn starch and painting it on a wasp sting?

Since this fabulous season is upon us, tell me what your tricks are to keep the critters away or to ease their pain?

I am still a fan of chemicals: Deep Woods Off. It works.

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