I recently had a friend go through a breakup. The whole time we were talking I was thinking "Wait could this train wreck have been avoided with one simple question during the first date?"

Maybe We Are All So Eager for Love That We Bypass Several Questions

I feel like a first date should almost feel like a job interview, although that sounds atrocious, could a job-like first date save a lot of us heartache in the long run?

Maybe We Need to Ask Questions Before the First Date.

If you know you have a date with someone and don't know them from Adam you probably need to do some research on their social media, but there are questions you can't find out through social media.

What if you really want kids and they are anti-children? Is that a deal-breaker or are kids something you can take or leave in the future?

What Are Questions You Must Ask on a First Date to Avoid a Nasty Breakup?

We took to Shreveport to find out which questions they ask on first dates and we agree with all of these.

  1. Who did you vote for in the last election? Although this question may feel like total taboo, this question will help you understand what side they lean politically. When your politics align, you have much more smooth sailing.
  2. Why did your last relationship end? Did this person learn from their last relationship or are they blaming their ex for all of their failures? Ask the question then pay really close attention to how they answer.
  3. If you were fired from your job today could you survive for 3 months without pay? Sounds horrid to ask on a first date however no one wants to date someone who will lean on you financially.
  4. How important is going to church? Welcome to the south, where some of us observe the sabbath and others call it the day of football.
  5. What is your relationship with your mom like? Ask about the opposite sex, so if you're on a date with a girl you ask about her relationship with her dad. This will show you how they feel about respect towards the opposite sex.
  6. Are children a part of your plans? This could really be a deal-breaker for some. Don't settle on this one.
  7. What is your 5-year plan? Is this person building towards something? Or are they waiting for someone to come along and help them along their journey, watch out someone like this can really drag you down.

Did we miss any important questions? Tell us in the comments below.

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