Pajama pants, sweat pants, workout pants, leisure pants, lounge pants - - are all about the same from my perspective. I heard the flap about a Caddo Commissioner contemplating writing a ban on wearing pajamas in public because he “saw a couple of men in public and no underwear with private parts about to come out; the moral fiber of our community is dwindling.” Huh? Does the commissioner not realize that he could be in the presence of men and women at any given moment who also might wear their regular pants with out underwear? Just sayin’… Banning outerwear of any style because it’s viewed as “less than professional” is a ludicrous idea. And back to the idea of undergarments and regular pants: what’s to stop someone from suggesting we establish the underwear police? Shades of airport passenger pat downs and body searches! The additional suggestion that that sweatpants, workout pants, leisure pants, pajama pants and lounge pants in public is in the same category of sagging pants is off base, too. NOTHING is stylish about sagging pants because of the culture and behavior from which that practice is born, regardless of whether “belts are kept from prisoners because they could use them as weapons or instruments of suicide.” THINK about the message that sends about self worth if adopting it as the supposed fashion of “expressing freedom, cultural awareness or rejection of mainstream society values!” I’m all-in supporting the “no sag ban,” but remember: area law officers can enforce that “selectively.” Hmm. Less-than-professional-looking-pants are OK in society as long as private parts are kept private. Please…exercise a modicum of discretion. That brings us to something else to think about on the same path: impossibly short, outrageously low cut or insanely tight garments, which is a whole other discussion…and no one is seeking to ban these, uh, fashions. I wonder why? Write the ordinance that bans them, too. Can we see where this precedent SHOULD lead? The commissioner poses a good question: “if not now, when? Because it’s pajama pants today, underwear tomorrow.” When is never, because if it IS done now, tomorrow-underwear not insight-we might as well establish a fashion police force for real. The men and women in blue have enough real crime with which to contend without enforcing the latest fashion dictate.

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