The big day is finally here!  All of the preparation, the worrying, the last minute scrambling - it's all paid off because the day has arrived.  Your wedding day is a momentous and incredibly important day in anyone's life.  Even though some people don't get one (and others get a few cracks at it), there's no arguing that the moment is a magical one.  For some brides, taking a chance by allowing the smaller versions of ourselves is simply un-matrimonial.

The New York Post is reporting that banning kids from the ceremony is exactly what a Bride-to-be and her soon to be beloved-ly wed husband had in mind.  I feel it necessary at this point to make you aware of the fact that I go to a lot of weddings.  I'm not a wedding crasher, I am a wedding DJ.  I have spun the proverbial discs for the nuptials on several occasions, and I have never once seen this put into play.  I have heard it spoken about almost as a joke.  Like, "We should've banned kids from this wedding!"  and everyone laughs the nervous laugh of a group that knows it's just not acceptable.

In my opinion, it's just not the same with out a cute little girl dancing at the reception, or throwing flowers before the ceremony.  Without that little boy streaking through the buffet line, you just don't have that same spontaneous and slightly embarrassing magical memory that weddings are famous for.  What do you think?

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