Since I am a larger lady it is difficult to shop and find something that fits me the right way. I am 5 feet tall with wide hips and a smaller waist with monstrous thighs. I am a pear with peg legs. I have always looked like this, and shopping has never been fun. I have  unless I go to a store designed for bigger women like Torrid or Lane Bryant. However, I run into another issue shopping at those stores as well. I am 5 feet tall! Apparently retail stores have the idea that if women are wider than they are also taller. That is not the case.

This is why I have to applaud ASOS for what they are currently doing on their app right now. According to Bustle, they will now have multiple models with various body types showing off the same outfit. This is to give an idea of what one item of clothing would look like on different shaped women.

I applaud this! I wish and hope that more fashion outlets see this and follow along. This would make shopping online so much easier, and honestly who has the time to go into an actual store to try on an outfit. No one!

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