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When most people think of 'karma,' they think of it negatively impacting someone who has done something wrong. For example, someone steals from you and then later the thief falls on bad times. I 100% believe the universe has a way of evening the playing field if you wait long enough. That's why when someone treats me poorly, I do my best to move on with class and dignity instead of stooping to retaliatory behavior.

But karma can also present itself in positive situations as well! If you put peace, love, and kindness out into the world, you're sure to reap the rewards in this world and in the next. That's what happened recently to a woman in Kansas City. She selflessly donated her $100 lottery winnings to a family she felt needed it more than her. See, she gave that money to the family of a police officer who had been recently injured in the line of duty. She was being of service to someone who served their community. That's huge! What's even bigger? She donated the money even though she was a single mother and had just lost her job due to the pandemic. THAT is service above self and that's also someone I want to spend time with!

So where did the positive karma come in? Was the cop miraculously healed? Did this selfless woman get her job back? While we don't know the answer to those two questions, we do know someone was watching this woman and her good deeds because a GoFundMe account was set up and it's already raised thousands of dollars.

Obviously, this woman wasn't giving with the expectation of receiving. That's not the way it works. She gave of herself because that's what was in her heart and the universe responded. Karma indeed! I asked my friends to tell me about other great stories like this from during the pandemic locally and you didn't disappoint! Check out the stories in the post below and please, add your own! Feel free to give me a follow as well for fun, thought-provoking local discussion!

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