Be thankful you can't smell this.

The latest Internet craze is one that will probably make you want to shower...and then dry off before showering again. It's called the #PortaPottyChallenge and requires as many people as possible to squeeze into a porta potty. Cross country runners are the ones who have gravitated to it most, with plenty of runners getting in (and we do mean in) on the germy act.

As disgusting as this is -- and have no illusions that this is pretty rank -- let's be thankful this hasn't caught on at any music festival, since it actually has been around a for a few months now. The thought of a group of sweaty people in 90-plus degree temperatures who haven't showered in days all crushed in one little portable space like some foul-smelling human sardines is just not something we need to spread.

Alright, now go grab a bar of soap, or at least some hand sanitizer, and enjoy some people partaking in the challenge.

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