Before the NFL's current crop of kneeling protesters there was Colin Kapernick.  Colin took a seat on the bench when the national anthem played before a 49ers preseason football games.  According to Kapernick, he was protesting racism in America.  Colin was not the first person to gain national attention for a statement made on the field.

Tim Tebow was a football phenomenon on and off the field.  Before he hit the pros, he was racking up awards and accomplishments including, but not limited to winning the freaking Heisman Trophy in 2008! Once he hit the big time, he played for the Broncos, Jets, Patriots, and Eagles even taking the Broncos to the playoffs during the 2010-2011 season.

Because of Tim's very apparent and outward dedication to his faith, the NCAA instituted what is commonly referred to as the "Tebow Rule," in 2010.  Tim was famous for putting bible verses on his eyeblack (the black makeup athletes sometimes use to cut down on glare).  The rule says you can't put messages there now.  Then when he was playing in the pros he was famous for "Tebowing."  This is the name the media gave Tim's practice of praying on the field before a game.

To do that in front of so many people takes a lot of conviction and courage.  If you'd like to find out more about how this man thinks, you're in luck!  Tim Tebow is coming to Shreveport Nov. 16 at 6 p.m. to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes dinner.  The event is free for coaches, teachers, and students - but you are invited too!  A $10 suggested donation is asked from members of the general public!  Click here to find  more.

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