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You might have grown up loving Elmer's Goldbrick Eggs or Heavenly Hash.  But did you know they are from a company started in New Orleans?  Elmer's Chocolate Company actually started back in 1855 as Miller Candy Company in New Orleans, Louisiana by Christopher Henry Miller, a German immigrant.

Miller's daughter married Augustus Elmer. Eventually Elmer's son's became involved in the company... companies merged... companies split... bottom line... it became Elmer's Candy Corporation in 1914.  But today, they're most famous for selling seasonal candies for holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter.

One of the most popular of their candies is Heavenly Hash.

Louisiana Radio Network
Louisiana Radio Network

Though COVID and corn starch supply chain disruptions limited supplies last year, Heavenly Hash Eggs will be back in Easter baskets this year, and CEO of Elmer Chocolate, Rob Nelson said it’s just in time to mark the beloved treat’s 100th anniversary.

“Marshmallow is made into powdered corn starch. We were limited to what we could make, and it pretty much cut out all strawberry and almost all dark chocolate Heavenly Hash. But this year the dark is back,” said Nelson.


Nelson said they are hoping that their popular Strawberry Heavenly Hash will return next year. The company added the Strawberry version when they relocated to Ponchatoula in 1970, which just happens to be the Strawberry capital of the world.

Nelson said last year they received hundreds of phone calls daily wanting to know why all three versions of Heavenly Hash were not in stores.

“It was crazy but fortunately this year I think we’re meeting demand, although what we’re seeing is a lot of the stores are already selling out,” said Nelson.


Heavenly Hash was created by a New Orleans Canal Street confectionary in the early 1900s.  Nelson said the Elmer family purchased the recipe and trademark in 1923.

“So that they could mass produce the item and it’s become a favorite part of the fabric of Easter celebration here in Louisiana. It’s been 100 years, it’s hard to believe,” said Nelson.

Nelson said they begin preparing to create Heavenly Hash, the Gold Brick and Pecan eggs as early as January for Easter.

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