Here in the Bayou State, alligators are pretty much a part of life. A scary part of life, but nonetheless, a part of life.

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Those living around any of our Northwest Louisiana lakes or bayous can attest to the fact these prehistoric reptiles are as prolific as ever, and some are wandering into more populated areas bringing a factor of danger to both humans and pets that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

CN Post Via Youtube
CN Post Via Youtube

You might recall that just last year, Bossier Parks and Recreation closed the Field of Dreams Park in Bossier City due to a nuisance alligator that had come into the park.

However, in Louisiana, alligators are also big business, and hunting them requires lots of work, specialized equipment, special licensing and a place to hunt.

It's not just about jumping in a johnboat like Troy Landry of Swamp People and just "Choot 'Em".

Though Landry does make harvesting alligators look like the perfect adventure for the daredevil outdoorsman, the work begins long before the first lines are ever hung.

Before The Hunt Begins, You Must Get Your Paperwork In Order

That work comes in the form of paperwork and licensing and if harvesting alligators is on your agenda in 2024, the time is upon us to begin that paperwork.

Louisiana provides great places to hunt those alligators through the Lottery Alligator Harvest Program.  With this program, LDWF provides more than 900 licensed resident alligator hunters the opportunity to harvest over 2,700 alligators on 51 wildlife management areas and public lakes throughout the state.


LDWF Has Announced They'll Hold Lottery Harvests Throughout The State

And now LDWF has announced they will conduct alligator lottery harvests on several properties from August 28 through November 2, 2024.

Applications for these lottery hunts are being accepted now through June 23.

Submit your application through the LDWF website and if you plan to participate, there are a few things you should know:

  • There's a $5 application fee along with a $3.50 transaction fee.
  • Must be a legal Louisiana resident and 16 years or older.
  • If selected, you'll need to purchase an alligator hunter license ($25) and pay $40 for each alligator tag allocated.
  • Avoid purchasing the alligator sport hunter license online, as it's not applicable to these lottery hunts.

To assist applicants in selecting a specific location, LDWF has posted details about the percentage of lottery applicants selected last year by WMA or public lake as well as a map showing the general location of each area. Go HERE to see all the information.

For any inquiries or more information, contact LDWF Field Office or email

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