Seeing the results of the research done by, left me considering two different opinions on it's actual validity.

According to their research, Louisiana wasn't the country's leader when it comes to potholes. We weren't even Top 10.  As a matter of fact, their results showed that there were actually 33 states that had worse pothole issues than we do here in the Bayou State.

Can That Be Right?

My first thought was that the researchers just made a mistake.  Somehow the results from Louisiana might have been lost in a vehicle than ran off into one of our mammoth sinkholes on I-20?  Apparently that wasn't the case, so the only other rational line of thought is that there are actually 33 states with a bigger pothole problem than we have.

How bad must that problem be, to be worse than what we have here?  I'd be afraid to "walk" down those roads, much less to drive them.

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loading...'s piece points out that potholes cost U.S. drivers an estimated $3 billion per year in damage repairs.

To arrive at their conclusions, had analysts look at statistics dating back to 2004 regarding Google searches for pothole-related complaints.  While I'm not sure that data would be more valid than a search for dollars spent per state at front-end alignment and tire shops due to pothole damage, but I'm sure their mad scientists had their reasons.

If Louisiana Isn't #1, What State Is?

After their results were tallied, the Top 10 looked like this:

  1. Washington
  2. Indiana
  3. Michigan
  4. Nebraska
  5. Ohio
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Illinois
  8. Tennessee
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. New York

I can honestly say that I have never actually driven in any of those states, and considering just how much worse their roads must be than we have here, I'm pretty sure I don't ever want to.

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