If we're all being honest, there is at least one driver, or type of driver, that each of us hates to see on the road.

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The craziest part is that we don't all hate the same driver. Some people can tolerate a driver who is obviously texting while driving and yet that's the person I'm praying will be caught by police before someone gets seriously hurt.


The website reddit.com recently asked readers to list their biggest pet peeves regarding other drivers on the road.  And while those readers weren't exclusively from Louisiana, I happen to know that these are some of the most disliked drivers on our roads here in the Bayou State as well.

Among those being chastised for their lack of driving skills are drivers that manage to hold up all other cars by making a left turn when the volume of traffic makes it almost impossible or when they've obviously ignored the "Right Turn Only" sign.


Other real winners include those drivers unwilling to wait and pull out in front of you from a side street and then drive slower than you were, or they go a very short distance only to stop everyone behind them while they turn left.

Another candidate listed for the "Least Likable Car On The Road Award" is that person driving towards you with their high beams on. And while we're on this, let's include that person who decided those LED headlights were a good idea. Some of those have hit me with more light than the bulbs in a tanning booth.

Since the brightness of those headlights are certainly cause for concern, the lack of those lights is also noteworthy as people driving without their headlights on in rain or other inclement weather are equally disliked.

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Just look at these other pet peeves, and I'd be willing to bet that if we haven't already hit your hot button, one of these will do the trick.

  • Litterbugs, and yes people don't like it even if you just tossed out your cigarette butt
  • Drivers who will go the wrong way on a one-way lane of a parking lot to grab the closest spot before someone else
  • People on their phones, whether they're driving down the road or at an intersection (How many times have you had to beep your horn at that texter to let him know the light wouldn't get any greener)
  • Tailgaters.  Do they not realize that if they hit you from behind, it's likely to be listed as their fault?
  • People who don't use their turn signals, whether they are actually making a turn or just changing lanes.  And those who leave their turn signal on also make the list.

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