Considering the taxes we pay in Northwest Louisiana, you would think we would have the absolute best roads in the whole country.

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I know it might come as a surprise to some people, but that's just not the case. Shocker huh?

kozmoat98 /Getty Images
kozmoat98 /Getty Images

In fact, I would put some of our potholes or bumps up against the best (or worst) from any other state. I've always said that the shortest warranty of any product in the world is the one they give you with a front-end alignment in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Coalition to Fix Our Roads says on their website:

Louisiana residents are paying an average of $533 on automotive repairs related to damage caused by road quality, an amount also referred to as the “pothole tax.” Because roads in economically depressed areas and rural regions are usually not as well maintained, the “pothole tax” for drivers living here is frequently even higher.

Recently on Facebook, people began to call out local Shreveport/Bossier authorities for allowing the grass to get so tall on I-220 making things dangerous, and it appears their pleas were heard.  Within a week or so, tractors showed up on the scene and the grass was gone.

Taking that same lead, we're hoping that officials who might be able to have certain places on our roads fixed, we decided we would just identify certain spots that need some immediate repair.

Google Maps
Google Maps

For me, one of the worst offenders is the terrible bump on I-220 East at the North Market overpass.  If you're in a vehicle doing the speed limit in the far left lane, your wheels are going to come off the ground and your head is going to slam into the roof of your car or truck.

Asking listeners to tell us about the worst bump or pothole they've found in Northwest Louisiana brought a huge number of other problem areas that need immediate attention.

One listener told us of Rambin Road in Stonewall.  She said that "some of the potholes are so bad, you could build a bridge across them."  Hey DeSoto Parish Police Jury, can you do anything about this?  Today? Next week?

Check out the other nominations we received for "The Worst Bumps Or Potholes In All of Shreveport/Bossier"

The Worst Bumps Or Potholes In All of Shreveport/Bossier

To say that the roads in Northwest Louisiana are a little rough, is like saying that Bret Favre was an okay football player. Just look at all the nominations we got as the worst bumps or potholes in all of Shreveport/Bossier

Gallery Credit: Gary McCoy

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