An older lady friend of the family was at church with us Christmas morning, and now I'm afraid she'll never return.  What started out as an act of respect, wound up being one of the most horrible events of her life. She passed gas in church.  And it was loud!  It was during the prayer right before the invitation.  Did I mention it was Christmas morning?  She began to cough and decided to leave the sanctuary to respect the moment and not continue to interrupt people.  She got up and began to walk out when it hit...she coughed hard enough to build up some "back pressure" and out it came.  Everyone for 50 feet knew what had just happened but no one really knew "who" had done the deed.  I was only a few feet from her myself, but because we had our heads bowed in prayer, even I didn't know who it was until her daughter told us after the service.  Course we all got a big laugh about it and thought no more of it, but now she's so embarrassed that I'm afraid she won't come back.  And she's a wonderful woman.  It was just a simple poot but to her it was  "the shot heard round the world."  Can you give me any advice to help her out?