Even if you don't live in DeSoto Parish, you'll probably want to begin to follow them on Facebook.

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Their social media page keeps the public informed with timely updates on important issues like power outages, road closures and arrest reports.

It also informs the citizens of DeSoto Parish about public events and takes the time to highlight employees or individuals who have gone above and beyond to help others in the parish and are worthy of the recognition.

But, for those who are truly paying attention, there's a regular dose of humor that most offices never inject into their public information.  I have to think that the lion share of the credit for this one goes to the DeSoto Sheriff's Public Information Officer, Mark Pierce.  He's obviously the cream of the crop when it comes to what's deemed Public Information.

You might recall over the past couple of years that he's highlighted some hilarious campaigns for the DeSoto Sheriff including:

DeSoto Sheriff's Department Asks For No Crime On Friday

Hilarious DeSoto Sheriff Offers Big Prize To Those With Meth

DeSoto Parish Elf On A Shelf

And one of everyone's favorites was the time they issued an arrest report for the alligator blocking traffic on I-49.

DeSoto Sheriff Facebook page
DeSoto Sheriff Facebook page

DeSoto Parish Posts Hilarious Arrest Report For Giant Alligator

And now this week, I'm guessing you have to be a routine follower of the Sheriff's social media to even expect to see things like this, but the office took the routine Weekly Dispatch report and inserted their brand of humor.

So, What's Funny About A Weekly Dispatch Report?

To help you find the humor, just look at the entry near the bottom on the right hand side.

DeSoto Sheriff Facebook Page
DeSoto Sheriff Facebook Page

I guess it's safe to assume that if you live in DeSoto Parish, or you're traveling there in the near future, you really don't have to be worried about being abducted by aliens. They've got that crime totally eliminated!

Touché Mark! Very well played! Please keep 'em coming!

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