By Now, We Have All Felt the Crazy Weather That is Blowing Through the Ark-La-Tex.

I was walking my dog and I was begging her to please potty as fast as she could. I was freezing. It is so miserable out there. The "arctic blast" brought temperatures as low as 10 degrees Thursday night and made things miserable.

The Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl May See the Coldest Temperature Ever.

So if you're going to the game remember to layer up and stay warm, or as warm as you can.

It's So Cold the DeSoto Sheriff's Department is Asking the Public Not to Break the Law on Friday.

The public profile said "We are sure by now that everyone has noticed the Hi's and Low's for Friday (12° - 27°) But have you looked at what it will FEEL LIKE on Friday?? So if y'all could like, NOT break the law on Friday.....that would be greaaaaat."

DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Dept Facebook Page
DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Dept Facebook Page

Will This Post Deter People From Committing Crimes?

Probably not, but the weather might deter people from going out and stealing catalytic converters. Did your hands freeze while you were outside today? Imagine how cold your hands would get trying to steal anything. We hope you stay warm and stay out of trouble.

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