Many moons ago Marvin Gaye went and sang the Star Spangled banner and his unique take on it had many people in awe. Many artists stick with the safe bet, and the classic delivery. No risk no big win right? Unfortunately for Fergie, she had many people in the crowd trying to hide their reactions. Maybe she didn't practice, maybe she is like me and thinks that because it sounds great in the shower it will sound great at the NBA All-Star game? The whole video is pretty cringe worthy. Just watching the video makes me feel uncomfortable. Yes. it's that bad.

I can think of a few horrid National Anthem performances, if I were to try and perform I would sound just like Rosanne Barr did in 1990 at the Padres baseball game. So I will leave it to the experts. As for Fergie, at least she didn't get boo'ed off stage and everyone for the most part seemed to react nicely. Sometimes you just can't win, sorry Fergie! How do you feel about her performance? Should we cut her some slack? Are we being too hard on her?

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