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I hope that headline caught your eye and caused you to pause just as I did when I wrote it. Of course, this is only my opinion, but to answer the question in a single word, for me and mine, it would be a resounding YES!

I guess I just hate the fact that it will require a law to mandate this and not an overall sense of patriotic pride here in the Bayou State.

Here's what is going on. In a story first reported by the Louisiana Radio Network, we learn that Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt has just filed legislation requiring the National Anthem to be played before all sporting events at state-funded facilities.

Hewitt said young people are losing the spirit of patriotism, and many don’t know the words to the anthem. She said this is an opportunity to reeducate the youth.


“And begin again to ensure that the National Anthem is still the song in our country and that they learn to respect the veterans who fought to protect our freedom,” said Hewitt.

How can anyone of sound mind, living in the greatest country on Earth, ever intelligently argue her point?

We enjoy more rights and freedoms in this democracy than anywhere and to instill some pride in the country providing these privileges in our youth seems like the greatest idea I've seen in years.

It could mean the difference in whether our country fails or continues to succeed. Certainly, we have our flaws, but like any good family, while we might fight among ourselves, don't let someone else talk bad about us or it's on!

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