A new app is gaining a lot of interest from conservatives. 63red Safe is an app developed by Scott Wallace. Wallace feels that conservatives need help finding places to eat where they can feel "safe". The app which has been called "Yelp for conservatives" would pinpoint "safe zones" where conservatives wouldn't feel judged or critiqued for their political beliefs. Scott Wallace the founder of 63red Safe told "Fox and Friends" why he put the app together, he said “We feel like there’s a general unease among conservatives out there, about whether they’ll be protected and safe as they go out to restaurants and local businesses,” Users are able to rate restaurants by answering 4 simple yes or no questions. In case you're wondering what the questions are we looked them up for you. The first one is "Does this location serve all customers regardless of political beliefs?" The second is "Will they protect their customers if they’re under attack by others in the restaurant?" We still don't know how patrons would be able to get the information in order to correctly fill out their questions on the app.


Wallace claims that his app isn't meant to find Pro-Trump eateries, but to find a "safe" space for conservatives. What do you think of this app? Will you be downloading this app?

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