It turns out there is such thing as a Kiss and Make Up Day, and it lands on August 25th, whether your significant other plans to play along is another story, but you can always try. At the age of 27 I don't have it together, financially, spiritually, career wise and relationship wise. Luckily, I work with women who "have been around the block a time or two" their relationship advice never ceases to amaze me. Granted, I hate when I know they're right and I come back the next week saying "Hey you were right about that, thanks for the advice". I refuse to be an Askhole, you know that person who asks for advice and never takes it. Thanks to the women around the office, I have some National Kiss and Make Up Day suggestions which have been tested by yours truly, so here you go ladies:

  1. Reverse the role! Let him come home to a bath and a bucket of beer. Instead of you getting rose petals, a nice bath and wine, you let him feel pampered.
  2. Tell him you made plans for dinner. Maybe you hate his favorite spot, take him there anyway, and cover the bill. He'll secretly love it and appreciate you.
  3. Maybe you had a falling out with a BFF, give her another shot, even if she is known to flake out, nothing says "Let's get over it" like bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Mary's over a long catch up talk at brunch.
  4. You haven't talked to your parents in awhile, reach out, by reminding them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. A handwritten letter goes a long way!

It's never worth it to lose someone you love, so KISS AN MAKE UP ALREADY!

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