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Have you heard of the 'Hard 75' program? It's just what it says it is... hard! I decided to modify it for my old, fat a$$!

The TikTok challenge has five simple rules making it easy to follow, but hard to execute. One of my co-workers just finished the challenge and inspired me. Here are the guidelines for Hard 75 in a nutshell. For 75 days, follow a diet, any diet, with no cheat days, meals or alcohol. You have to work out twice a day for 45 minutes each time. One of those daily workouts must take place outside and the workouts have to be at least three hours apart. You have to drink a gallon of water a day and read at least ten pages of a non-fiction book. Finally, you have to take a picture every day charting your progress.

While I really admire my co-worker for going the distance, I'm a little more realistic with my expectations for myself. I sweat when temps top 65 and I really let myself go during the pandemic. AND, I have to wear a harem girl costume next spring for our Mardi Gras float. It's time to do SOMETHING. So, I came up with the modified hard 75 for fluffy girls like myself. It looks a lot like what you see above, just in bite-size, slightly less frightening pieces.

I, along with three other women from my float, am following a two-week plan and the one who loses the biggest % of their weight will win $25 from each of the other members. At the end of the two weeks, we'll circle up and decide if we're going to go again. I love having two forms of motivation... looking better naked and money;) Where one fails, the other one can provide adequate motivation.

Here's the plan. One, follow a diet, any diet, for two weeks. I'm using the Noom program. Second, drink at least 64oz of water a day minimum. We're working out once a day for 45 minutes and two of the weekly workouts have to be outside. The farm keeps me busy outside, but I joined Fit Nation for accountability and guidance. Instead of doing photos or required reading, we're all participating in a 'spirited' group text that's partially a support group and partially smack talk.

That's it. You can do anything for two weeks, right? I'll let you know. However, I can report that 45 minutes has never felt so long in my life!

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