It's no secret, most of us treat our dogs like they are our children. Can you imagine life without your baby? Number one thing to do when you bring a new furry family member home? Simple, go to the vet and get your baby microchipped. This invention has been reuniting pets with their owners for several years. The Hendry family of Monroe in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, had their dog Jasper microchipped. Their lives were sad when their beloved family pet was up and gone one day. Jasper had escaped from the backyard and there was no sign of him. After 8 years of no Jasper, the family had accepted the fact that Jasper had probably passed away. Recently the Hendry's received a phone call that was a game changer. Their beloved Jasper was alive and well with the Houston SPCA.

Jasper was reunited with his family last Friday, January 4, 2019. This is all thanks to a microchip. Do you have a pet? Make sure you get them microchipped! Need more information about making sure you can find your dog should they go missing? Visit the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website here.

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