An outbreak of Covid-19 cases in Minden has health officials concerned. Several people from at least 2 churches in Minden have the virus. Some of them have required hospitalization. Minden Mayor Terry Gardner has now issued a public health alert.
Gardner says Minden residents need to know there has been an outbreak and they need to take precautions. The data shows Webster Parish is one of the hot spots for new cases. And the vaccine rate in our area is only about 30%. Some of the current cases do involve people who have already been vaccinated.

Gardner says:

We don’t want this to get any larger than it is but for the state of Louisiana we’re leading the area right now with COVID cases. We’re not sure what strain it is. But most of the people who are getting COVID have already had the vaccine so it must be a strain that we’re not vaccinated for.

Gardner is urging residents to practice social distancing, not congregate in large crowds, wash hands frequently, not shake hands and try to wear masks when visiting businesses.

Dr. Martha Whyte, Region 7 public health director says:

We are seeing a spike in cases in Minden. Yes some from a church, others from another church and some not in either. Of these there is about 40% vaccinated. So, no that does not mean don't vaccinate. We know there can be cases in vaccinated people. This strain, which we believe is the delta variant. It is more contagious and makes people more sick than the original strain. So in vaccinated people who catch it, they are having symptoms; by far the majority of these positives in vaccinated people will not be hospitalized and will not spread the virus as easily. So it is of even greater importance for people in Minden and all of Louisiana and Arkansas to get vaccinated.

Click here to get Covid information and details about getting the vaccine.


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