We have all had that crazy ex, or maybe we have been that crazy ex. However, Daren Young from Maui, Hawaii may take the cake when it comes to crazy texting ex-boyfriend. Thanks to The Maui News for shining the light on Judge Rhonda Loo and her nontraditional sentencing. Judge Rhonda Loo claims she has never seen such a thumb happy man. Young was ordered by the court to not contact his ex-girlfriend even through phone back in February. Long's ex asked the court for protection against him, and Long was ordered to pay $2,400 in damages and 200 hours of community service.

Young violated that order, he texted his ex-girlfriend 144 times!  According to his ex he sent her 144 "nasty" text messages. The worst part, he texted her all those horrid emails within a 3 hour span. How did Judge Rhonda Loo react? Judge Loo gave an eccentric sentence, Long was ordered to write 144 compliments to his ex, and he can't repeat anything. Judge Rhonda Loo doesn't mess around with childish behavior, but she will treat a childlike man with the perfect sentencing. Remember children if you don't have anything nice to say, the Judge will make you find the inspiration to say something nice about your ex. 144 nice things to be exact.

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