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As more and more industries start to open up operations across the state, we are finally starting to see a post-pandemic Louisiana come in to focus.  With restaurants, bars, retail centers and more flinging their doors open for the teeming masses that just can't wait to leave their houses for any reason whatsoever - you would think that just about everybody is excited about our imminent emergence from this crisis.

I bet some criminals aren't too happy with the latest sign that life could be getting back to normal in our state.  You see, jury trials were put on hold as part of Louisiana's response to the extremely contagious virus.  Now that we've got it on the run, it's time to get back to the business of justice.

On Friday, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that we could once again start holding court with a jury starting April 1st of this year (no foolin'). Of course, it will be up to the individual courts to decide how to proceed with the backlog of criminal cases and lawsuits - and that could take a while.

While most parishes in the state will resume jury trials as soon as the moratorium on such proceedings expires (the end of this month), New Orleans is taking a more cautious approach.  According to, officials in the Crescent City are only willing to hold court for only the most pressing cases citing a need for infection numbers to fall even further before they resume a "normal" schedule.

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