Can we just take a minute to acknowledge the ending of an era? As much as I heard my boyfriend and brothers criticize and complain about Luke Bryan's tight jeans you'd think I would be happy to see his tight jeans go. Unfortunately, rumors have been confirmed and Luke Bryan is going to switch out those tight jeans for some "regular jeans men are supposed to wear" according to my not so fashionista co-worker. Personally I am a huge fan of those TIGHT jeans, why lie? It is going to be a huge year for Luke Bryan who will be joining Katy Perry on American Idol this season. Luke Bryan is sure to add some comedy and maybe even some booty shakin' tips to this years American Idol. With so many country stars coming from American Idol it's great to see a Country Artist as a judge!

What is your favorite Luke Bryan song? Who is your Man Crush Monday? Tell me here!


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