There is always that playlist we need to get through a long drive back home. Normally I surf the radio and find new music, but sometimes I have to put a playlist together with my top 5 picks for the week. Here are the five men that will be keeping me company all Monday long!

Dustin Lynch- "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" Good lawd, did John Mayer write this one? All this song needs is a crazy guitar solo! This one hits me in the feels. Lynch has some help form Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town.

Jordan Davis- "Singles You Up" This Shreveport native isn't holding back. "If he ever singles you up, if he's ever stupid enough I'ma be the first one calling you baby. If he ain't holding you tight, if he ain't treating you right I'ma be the first one calling him crazy" I am ready to call Jordan Davis' bluff on this one. Where you at baby?!

Cody Johnson- "Wild as You" I remember hearing Cody Johnson on the radio for the first time. Buddy Logan with Radio Texas Live is guilty for just about every Texas country obsession I have. It's no secret Cody Johnson can write with the best of them. CoJo and his love songs will make you fall in love. It's Texas country science.

Brett Young- "Like I Loved You" This heart throb has me direct messaging him on twitter. "Baby who hurt you? I will fix you, and have your babies. K?" Maybe that's too intense and straight forward, point is, this man is a dream and can sing me into heaven. Bless it.

Kane Brown- "Found You" Normally I stray away from random house parties at some guys house I have never heard of. However if Kane Brown is going to be there and wants to sing about finding me, a girl just may put on a bullet proof vest and get her beer pong on.

Have you heard these songs yet? Which one is your favorite so far? Are there any new country songs you would add to my Man Crush Monday playlist? Let me know here!

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