We're 99.9% sure this video came to be after this man uttered the phrase, "Hold my beer and watch this".

I  truly don't know what has gotten into people. When I was growing up, everyone simply tried to work hard, make money, find a significant other, and ride off into the sunset. Now, it's as if people's only goal in life is to do something truly idiot on camera and hopes it goes viral enough to where they can make a little cash off of it.

hat's the world we live in I guess, and that world creates insane videos like this daily.

Some guy decided it would be a good idea, or at least funny, to jump on a bale of hay as it's rolling down a hill.

Look, this bale of hay isn't gingerly making it's way down, it's ferociously rolling at a high speed. This idiot makes contact with this thing and it absolutely destroyed him. I didn't know a human body could contort like that.

Somehow, this doofus not only survived but apparently was only a bit "winded" after his one-on-one match with the hay.

The only thing worse then the decision to go through with this, is the fact that it appears they used a damn potato to shoot the footage.


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