Do you ever feel like you need a mulligan on life? I stay in that place! In fact, my friend Rhonda made the comment yesterday that she thinks we're starring in some bizarre sit-com just to amuse the Almighty!

So, what kind of weirdness am I talking about? Things you just can't make up! This has all happened in the last week. Thank goodness Mercury won't be in retrograde much longer!

1. Last Friday, I had an appointment at a local tattoo parlor with my friend Tresa for her birthday. We arrived to the appointment early with cash in hand only to be told the person they had scheduled us with was still working on another client. Another artist was available, but he said he had to run to the store 'real quick' first. Except when he came back he admitted he hadn't run to the store... he went to a nearby hotel to book a room for the girl he had coming in that night from Texas. Yep... we left... after waiting 45 minutes!

2. Sunday, while loading one of my horses onto our trailer, she had nervous diarrhea. You guessed it, I ended up being the target. And... I was wearing shorts.

3. I 'thought' I'd be able to run the trash out to the street without being seen Monday evening, so I 'chanced' it. You know, those moments you're comfy in your yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt without a bra, and you don't want to change clothes unless you have to? Yeah, not only was I seen, my high school buddy Christon texted me to let me know he saw me, just in case there was a question!

4. Not only did I burn the crap out of my aforementioned legs Saturday mowing, I also got a fresh batch of ridiculous bug bites. Big, big, nasty bug bites! My friend brought me some aloe to help out... except, before I could apply the aloe, I got a massive rope burn while trying to load a different horse than mentioned above on the horse trailer. Let's put it this way, if I ever wanted to commit a crime, now is the time, because I don't have any fingerprints on my right hand.

5. I totally forgot my morning show partner's birthday yesterday... and realized it when I was telling him about another co-workers birthday that's coming up next week! #FAIL

Yes, this is my daily life and I'm sure I'm not the only one. And these are just the highlights. Drop your 'too weird/awkward/crazy not to be true' stories below and make this girl feel better about life! lol

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